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What is Bambi Bus?

Bambi Bus is an innovative project, supporting childrens education. It was created for the youngest; children from primary schools, nurseries and kindergarten.


The title Bambi Bus, is the main part, as it was adopted for the needs of children. It's a one of a kind bus, which not only takes youngsters on unforgettable day trips, but due to its advantages, it in itself will be a great attraction for children.


Where did this idea come from?

We've been observing the immense popularity of mobile nurseries in Denmark, and have decided to use this idea in Poland.


The idea for Bambi Bus was born as a result of many years of cooperation between Pila Bus & partners from Denmark. This type of buses, were commissioned by the Danish customers though our company. They operate in several Danish cities such as Copenhagen, Vajle, Kolding, Esbjerg etc. Danish educational institutions, especially those located in cities, away from the green areas use them regularly. This mobile nursery, thanks to the standard equipment, not only ensures the safe transport of children but it's also an ideal place to have fun and learn.


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