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Who is Bambi Bus for

Bambi Bus project is aimed at three main groups:

Nurseries & schools
A trip with Bambi Bus can be a great variety of daily activity with the youngest. With ease and without having to worry about the safety of the children, you're able to arrante a trip out of town, to the forest or even to the lake. With Bambi Bus, you can visit all interesting places.


More details for nurseries & schools.

Local Authorities
Local authorities will be able to rent or buy a Bambi Bus, by depending on the needs make it available to you. The creativity of teachers is the source of many interesting ideas, there are variety of educational programs, prepared specially for children (e.g. by foresters) which are associated with going out of town. It will be very easy with Bambi Bus!


More details for local authorities.

Private Carriers
There's a lot of competition in an industry dealing with people. Without a doubt, expanding the bus station with Bambi Bus, will provide another source of revenue from a wider range of companies. In addition, it'll be a very positive impact on the companys' image, as it'll highlight the child-friendly company that's sensitive to their needs.


More details for carriers.


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