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Outdoor Scenarios

Bambi Bus offers a huge range of possibilities, especially for aspiring teachers who wish to take their ideas beyong the school or nursery walls.


We've provided a two part scenarios on which it'll be worth taking a Bambi Bus.


Trip to the farm

The biggest challenge is finding a farm which is willing to cooperate and is able to establish the program of the visit. It'll certainly be great fun for children to be able to ride a horse, see how to milk a cow or even see how butter is made. A nice meal, should spice up the trip, preferably prepared with the products offered by the farm. It's possible to dine, in the mini-canteen on board of the Bambi Bus.


A trip to the forest education center

Nowdays a strong emphasis is put on environmental education. A great job in this field, is performed by the forestry education centers run by the majority of forest districts. These centers are usually more then happy to cooperate with educational institutions. It is therefore a good idea to take the children on such trip. The children will have the opportunity to learn about the role of the forest in nature, learn about foresh inhabitants and the plants which grow there. The staff at the center, will make sure the course is very interesting.


Feel free to take part in our competition for the most interesting idea for a Bambi Bus trip.


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